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About the Program
Proud Sponsor of Think Beyond the Label
We Think Beyond the Label is a partnership of state health and human service agencies with federal Medicaid Infrastructure Grants that have undertaken state and federally-funded projects to help people with disabilities enter the workforce and corporations committed to raising awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. Health & Disability Advocates (HDA), a national nonprofit organization that promotes income security and improved healthcare access for children, people with disabilities, and low-income older adults, is coordinating this campaign by serving as its fiscal agent.
A majority of states within the partnership have already contributed to the creation of a professionally produced, national and local marketing campaign to share the business case for hiring people with disabilitiesThe Kansas partnerships include Working Healthy with the Kansas Health Policy Authority and Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns.

The Mission.
Simply put, we hope to state resoundingly the business case for employers to hire people with disabilities. We know that it's good for all of us when everyone is part of the workforce. And we want employers to hear that message loud and clear.
We aim to bust the overarching misconceptions about people with disabilities in the workplace by arming employers with the tangible benefits and abilities that people with disabilities bring to their jobs.
We'll accomplish this by reaching out to a target audience—employers— that's not hearing this message often enough or loudly enough. We'll give businesses the information they need to hire people with disabilities and the tools necessary to integrate them into their workforce. We'll also connect employers with resources in their area to help tap into this talented segment of the labor pool.

Lend Your Voice.
We're going to enable action by providing tools for business. And we need your ongoing participation to amplify the message nationally, and enhance your activities locally. By being a part of the collaboration of states, your voluntary contribution will increase the reach and frequency of our message to employers. Corporate role models can encourage other businesses to see the benefits in hiring people with disabilities by donating both their success stories and financial resources.

The Momentum Is Already Building.
Work began last year to create this national marketing campaign on employment and disability. The state partnership came together and after a nation-wide search, hired Wirestone LLC, a national advertising agency, to create the campaign and media plan.
Working in collaboration with the partnership’s Leadership Group, Wirestone is—developing a brand, creative platform, and effective media mix for the national campaign effort. The campaign brand—Think Beyond the Label—is in production now.